About Us

The KFMDC Program is a motor-coordination, balancing and physical education program with a strong emphasis on gymnastics skills. Not only will your son or daughter improve their loco-motor skill development (hopping, skipping, running, crawling, landing, swinging, leaping, etc), balancing (to keep a controlled position or posture during a task), but they also will be introduced to early elementary social awareness skills (sharing, taking turns, courtesy, following rules, listening and directional skills, etc.).

Kids are also introduced to basic gymnastics skill development (climbing, rolling, hand support skills, balancing) as well as general physical fitness skills (catching, throwing, eye-hand coordination, kicking).

This is all accomplished through a positive, fun, and energetic learning environment.

Through these exercises we help children to play sports and stay active improving their general health!

Kids with these skills are less likely to fall over when doing daily activities like climbing steps and walking on uneven surfaces. Reducing the risk of injuring themselves.

Even daily school tasks become more easy and academic performance improves.