Ninja Starz

Ninja Stars Program
  • 6yrs - 9yrs
  • Saturday Mornings, 9h00 - 9:45 (45 Minutes)
  • Boys & Girls
  • KFMDC Gym
  • No Parent Participation

Exciting new program at KFMDC with endless benefits. First-class for the year starts on the 6th February 2021.

Feb – Mar only R800.00 and thereafter R1200 per term which is payable in advance.

Classes include climbing and jumping over obstacles, running, rolling and swinging….

The Program Combines

  • Gymnastics skills
  • Strength and agility from obstacle training
  • Creativity from freestyle movement

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Focusing on what you doing, not what others are doing, it is extremely important. The Ninja Starz Warrior course forces you to concentrate on the obstacles.


Our warrior course includes challenges that require quick, sure footing. Learning how to place your feet helps to develop fast, accurate footwork.


Creates a balanced and limber physique that promotes a full range of motion and balance. Ensuring strength and safety.


The ninja obstacles will improve balance and coordination in a fun safe environment. The challenge of staying upright while shifting position.

Falling Safely

Teaching kids how to fall safely is one of our priorities. Shoulder rolls and break-falls are all part of the learning fun. These skills are important for all types of sports.

Core Strength

Our special Ninja training will include all the necessary basics in ensuring an increase in core strength which creates a confident and healthy all-round body fitness.