KFMDC Covid-19 Regulations

The current Covid-19 safety procedures implemented at the Kids First Movement Development Centre (KFMDC).

New members to please communicate the following information points below to their children. Our existing gymnasts from 2020 should all be very comfortable with the procedures, which were implemented last year.

  1. Instructions and guidelines regarding safe distances need to be followed.
  2. Entrance and exit doors are separate to avoid the congestion of gymnasts on arrival and departure.
  3. The wearing of a mask is compulsory on arrival and departure. They are not required to wear masks or facial coverings during training but may do so.
  4. Temperature screening will be done on arrival at the gym. Anyone with a temperature over 38 degrees Celsius will not be permitted to enter gym or to stay at the gym.
  5. We do have isolation facilities where children who are not feeling well or who have a high temperature will stay until they are fetched. This is not a baby-sitting service and we request you fetch your child as soon as is possible.
  6. Hand hygiene will be supported, and gymnasts will be required to sanitize their hands on arrival at the gym. Sanitizer is also available in the restrooms. We encourage gymnasts to please bring their own personal bottle of sanitizer that can be kept in their sport bag.
  7. Coughing into their elbows and sneezing etiquette will be reinforced.
  8. Social distancing will be required at all times and implemented as far as possible during training times.
  9. A limited number of persons are allowed in the gym at any given time until COVID-19 regulations are amended.
  10. No parents are allowed beyond the foyer area of the gym.
  11. Equipment are cleaned regularly, and the Club has been issued with a certificate to certify that the premises has been treated with ZOONO – Nano-Technology surface anti-microbial effective for 28 days.
  12. Each gymnast must bring with:
    – Water bottle with drinking water
    – Small hand towel
    – Sanitizer

If you have any concerns regarding the above points then please send us an email to